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photogallery plugin for Rockbox

This plugin is designed to allow easy pictures browsing in rockbox. It is supported by every player that has and color lcd screen (Gigabeat, Ipod photo/video, H100...).

How to use

First create all files needed by the gallery using RB Tools (Windows only), i.e. resized pictures, thumbnails files and 'photogallery.config' file.

Build your own rockbox applying corresponding diff file (FS#9124 on rockbox SVN) to get the plugin.

Launch plugin from plugins/demos menu.

screen1 screen2
Details: How it works
  1. Config file is loaded and parsed as follows : On first line, 2 digits for hres, a ';' char, 2 digits for vres, and a final ';' char. On second line, the path to the directory where pictures are stored. Any additional chars are ignored.
  2. pics_list.pic is created or loaded from pictures directory and parsed as groups of two lines : 1st line is path to full screen picture, and next line is path to thumbnail file.
  3. First hres*vres pictures are printed to screen.

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